In 2001 founder Ben White conceived a technology that could create an accurate picture of how individuals make decisions.

Through collaboration with professors Louviere & Henscher, founders of Choice Modelling, and experience gained solving complex decision problems for industry, he saw not only the power but also the problems with the state of Choice Modelling as practised in academia.

As a former airline systems engineer, Ben decided to solve these problems and bring the power of Choice Modelling to a wider use. SurveyEngine Propriety Limited was formed.

SurveyEngine PL faced two difficult problems were attacked at the same time. The first was educating clients weaned on customer satisfaction surveys that there was a better, far better, way to improve products  using choice modelling.

The second problem was to actually develop a technology that could achieve choice modelling without a team of PhD students and million dollar budgets.

By 2007, the vision was fulfilled with a completion of a software platform that could deploy an experiment, collect data and build a choice model within an afternoon.

In 2008 a Patent Application was made and SurveyEngine expanded to Europe.

In 2014, SurveyEngine spawned PREDIKKTA, a standalone self service tool for modelling Google clicks.

2015 sees the release of 3 more products to solve specific business problems.

SurveyEngine remains an Australian owned company based in Melbourne with offices in Berlin, Germany.