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“My research requires utmost scientific rigour. SurveyEngine has been very responsive and effective – a pleasure to work with.”
Prof. Madeleine King, University of Sydney


“SurveyEngine consultants have been an outstanding colleagues. I look forward to working on research projects with them in the future.”
Emily Lancsar, PhD, Associate Professor Monash University


“SurveyEngine came highly recommended from other academics in the choice modelling field of expertise. I would not have been able to complete my nationwide survey in the scientifically rigourous manner required without the guidance provided by Survey Engine.”
Naomi Dale, PhD, Associate Dean University of Canberra


“I have run approximately ten separate studies through SurveyEngine. This work has been scientifically rigourous and has lead to a series of academic publications in leading journals in the field.”
Richard Norman, PhD, MSc, BA(Hons), Research Fellow Curtin University

Ben White

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Ben White

About Ben White

Ben White writes about his weekly experiences with BIG BUSINESS to model human decisions. Only the names have been changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty.

A Novice’s Guide to Choice Modelling

In this article I'll try to guide you through how Choice Modelling works and why I believe it is a revolution in Market Research. No prior knowledge is required. But first a personal disclaimer.  Having run hundreds of choice experiments at SurveyEngine over the past 15 years, we are convinced Choice Modelling can replace nearly all current popular [...]

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Surveying Monkeys

Customer Satisfaction surveys, we've all been asked to do them at some point. But what happens to your considered responses, do they make a difference? As an econometrician, I would say it's highly unlikely. So I'd like to lead you through a thought experiment to show you why. For the purposes of this experiment lets assume [...]

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Demystifying Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is a bit of a flavour of the month term that actually covers a variety of statistical methods. All these methods try to achieve a single goal  – to make useful predictions about events usually in the future from available data. Any prediction about the future will be heavily influenced by the quantity and [...]

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SurveyEngine Core 2.0 release

SurveyEngine V2.0 is available as beta trial to selected companies. 2.0 Features This version of the software incorporates the new template-based experiment system allowing complete freedom to create experiments as realistic as possible. New features in this release include outbound email faster modelling new stand alone simulator (dss) segment modelling feedback on relevance of segments Be part [...]

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