Credit Cards

Using SurveyEngine’s Choice Modelling the Commonwealth bank was able to identify non-performing benefits and reconfigure credit cards to increase profits by approximately $8M per card.



How did two Austrians transform Sydney’s Bondi Beach into a Winter Wonderland – complete with snow, gluhwein, oompah bands, log fires and a full size ice-skating rink meters on the sands of the Pacific Ocean?


Product Packaging

A packaging experiment for “Chocolate & Love” shows that even fine grained layout changes have an impact on choice. Results show that the best layout had twice the preference of the worst.


Magazine Layout

Visual layout experiment that helped the flagging Gardening Australia magazine stay in circulation. The experiment covered over 200 possible cover layouts and found the optimal to be over ten times more desirable. The experiment showed how people choose a magazine and from the insights, set the magazine cover style since 2010.


New FMCG Variants

SurveyEngine was used to help CocaCola Australia introduce new size variants into the cold drink category. Using a realistic ‘shop fridge’ layout that included competitor products as well as existing Coke products, a successful pricing and packaging strategy was created


Home Renovation Products

Hebel Australia had a category killing product but their market share was less than 5%. Choice modelling showed what was going wrong.


Recruitment to Remote Locations

Choice Modelling of career choices show that its not always about the paycheck. In a study for the mining industry, intangible benefits for workers helped recruit workers to some of the hardest jobs in the harshest conditions on the planet.