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Reduce bounce rate, stop losing business and increase landing page conversions on your site.

Who is it for

Product managers and owners of E-commerce sites who want to increase click-throughs from their landing page.

How it works

ClickGlue gives you the power of  randomised controlled trials for your website. Up to one million combinations of page elements can be tested against competitor sites in a controlled laboratory setting.

Experimental control eliminates bias and isolates the effect of each element on click-throughs – systematically, measurably and scientifically.

Sensitive elements such as price, discounts or claims can be tested without real world repercussions.

Typical Output

Experiment data is automatically modelled to show how each element contributes to clickthrough. Any test combination can be reconstructed and explored to predicted uplift of each.

Typical Uplift

Depending on the range of variations explored, A greater than 100% uplift in clickthroughs iscommon .


2 weeks.

What’s Included

  • Workshop to refine business objectives
  • Test against 3 competitors
  • up to 2.1 million combinations
  • Optional customer-specific psychographics
  • Graphic Design of up to 50 visual elements for testing
  • Creation and hosting of experiment
  • Sample and management of 1,000 respondents
  • Analysis and interpretation of results
  • Report on Optimal content
  • ‘what if’ Simulator for exploraton of alternatives


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