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Discover the optimal features and marketing claims for your product.

FeatureMap uses advanced experiment techniques to uncover which product features and claims are driving customer interest. Take the politics and “I reckon” out of your Product Roadmap and only deliver the features that really matter to customers. Test up to 60 features or claims.

Who is it for

  • Product Managers – discover the features customers truly value
  • Marketers – identify the most compelling claims

How it works

Just provide featureMAP a list of all the current and potential features of your product.

FeatureMap will automatically develop a Choice Experiment to test each feature against every other and model the patterns of choice to uncover which features are driving interest in your product.

You can share this experiment with a small sample of your customers or optionally provide a description of your market demographic and we’ll run the experiment for you.

Typical Output

Each feature will be statisically modelled for its probability of influence and presented as an ordered list.

Typical Results

On most trials, the difference between the most effective and least effective features is 100 to 1.

Typical results show that using the optimal features to promote your product instead of the weakest can increase the chance of purchase or engagement by 100 times.


1 week.

What’s Included

  • Workshop to refine business objectives
  • Test up to 60 candidate features
  • Your customer-specific psychographics
  • Creation and hosting of survey
  • Recruiting and management of  200 respondents
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Full report and presentation


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