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Increase Google Clickthroughs.

Predikka lets you test thousands of combinations of Google headline, description and urls to find the optimal combination and increase search click-throughs to your site over your competitors. Test Adwords or Organic results or run tests against your competitors.

Who is it for

Any company that wants to increase web site traffic.

How it works

You decide whether you want to optimise Adwords or Organic search results. and whether competitors should be tested. Current and potential headlines, descriptions and urls into Predikkta which automatically creates a web-ready controlled experiment that can be shared as a link.

Data is modelled in realtime. The the best combination is shown along with tools for exploring alternaatives, understanding what is driving choice and also estimated competitor traffic.

Typical Uplift

On repeated trials for a number of clients, an average of 100% improvement over the current listing has been observed. This compares favourably with the published value of 25% using Google’s Optimisation tool.

Example Output

Discovery Insurance Results

visit for more details


1-2 days

What’s Included

  • SEO workshop to refine keywords*
  • Experiment set up and data entry*
  • Head to Head test of up to 10 competitors
  • test over 4000 combinations of Google Results
  • Managed Sample of 400 respondents*
  • Predicted best/worst and uplift from baseline
  • Interactive ‘what-if’ simulator

*Workshop, Experiment setup and sample only available as a Managed Service.


This product is currently provided either as

  • a Managed Service for $5,000 USD or,
  • free for use of the self-serve beta version of the software
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