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Custom Technical Solutions

As a technology company, and developers of our data collection platform, we have the in-house skills to go beyond simple interactivity and eye-candy.

Interactive Tutorials – Creation of walkthrough layovers to enhance a respondent’s understanding of the task.
Interactive DCEs – Choice Experiments requiring additional functionality to the standard.
Automated Text-to-Speech – Enhancing accessibility for sight-impaired.
GIS / Mapping Integration – Integration of map layers for improving understanding and recall of location-based surveys.
Real-Time Image Rendering – Generation images from layers in real-time according to respondent actions.
API Integrations – Web retrieval of data from online information services.
Embedded Video and Audio – Integration and control of Audio and Video players within a survey.
Model Simulation Tools (DSS) – Standalone, portable HTML model simulators allowing exploration of ‘what-if’ model scenarios.
Bespoke Software Coding – In-house developers skilled in Javascript, Perl, C++, R, CSS, HTML and SQL.

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