SurveyEngine Managed

Turnaround: 1- 3 months
Costs: from 5,000 € to 30,000 €

As a researcher, you have a nearly complete research program and need to collect data from respondents. It could be online, on the telephone or in person. You know what you want but need someone to code it and have a keen eye for anything you may overlook. When it’s ready it then needs to be put into the field at a high level of quality, be compliant with local regulations, privacy and ethics approval and potential AE reporting and when complete, high-quality data needs to be delivered for analysis


A single account manager will be assigned to the project, from the office in Berlin. The Account manager is your eyes and ears on the project and will stay with you until the project is completed. Account managers are there to make sure the project is a success.

During the project, the Account Manager will ensure that the following are managed.

  • Survey or experiment coding.
  • Managing review (and revisions).
  • Recruitment of participants in your study.
  • Manage the data collection and report on progress.
  • Deliver the data to the analyst.
  • Anything else needed by the project.

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