Turnaround: At your own pace
Costs: from 2,500 €

Some researchers are confident in their ability to set up their own studies on the SurveyEngine platform. This is a good choice when expertise is high but budgets are tight. An efficient way to do this is to go ‘Self-Managed’ – with a little bit of help and support in the critical parts of your study.


An account would be set up along with an allocation of support hours you think you would need. Then typically you would provide your work to us, the draft is fine, and we would rough out your study in a fixed number of hours. Following that, an initial training session would use the ‘rough-in’ to show how we would implement it, discuss your aims and answer any questions. When you were ready to start collecting data, a pre-live session with one of our consultants would review the work and help you go to the field and of course during your project, we would be available for ad-hoc support.

Have a self-managed study in mind but want to get a idea of the feasibility and costs?
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