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Ngene™ Released in SurveyEngine 4.4

SurveyEngine 4.4 is now live. This release includes a point-and-click Ngene™ experiment design generator, the reslut of one year’s intensive collaboration with Michiel, John, Andrew and David of ChoiceMetrics.

Professors David Hensher and Michel Bliemer jumped the gun a week ago with their announcement on linked. So now I’d like to add my bit. This is a major practical leap forward in the Science of Choice Modelling and Behavioural research. It makes Ngene™ more accessible to new users. It also allows creation of data-collection ready experiments using the best experiment design tool available. This removes more of the barriers to access the powerful techniques of Choice Modelling. Robust and realistic behavioural experiments can now be created rapidly and reliably.

We’ve had great feedback from researchers in Transport, Health, Pharma and Environment and are already at about 200 signups since release.

To find out more see the short video, or just jump in to the software with a trial account

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