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An extensive list of interactive tutorials on building and customising your surveys. All the tutorials below can be previewed and uploaded into your SurveyEngine account so you can dig under the hood so see how they were made.

If you’re new, watch the short video here on building a survey.


Survey BuildingThe basics of building a survey and adding questions, text and images.previewdownloadvideo
Choice ExperimentsA tutorial on building a simple choice experiment and experimental design.previewdownloadvideo
Best Worst/MaxDiffBuilding Best Worst experiments, also known as MaxDiff Experimentspreviewdownload
Live Data CollectionHow to to put a survey to field, manage versions and collect data.previewdownload
Survey LogicHow to use expressions for conditional branching and piping data back to respondents.previewdownload
Response ValidationUsing validation logic are used to make sure respondents provide correct responses.previewdownload

Choice Experiments

Facebook ad Experiment
– with data
A full working experiment on modelling choices of Facebook ads including data and modelspreviewdownload
Netflix Movie Choice
– with data

A fully worked through experiment on movie choice with data.
Randomising AlternativesThis tutorial will explain using randomised decks to evenly allocate scenarios to respondentspreviewdownload
Randomising AttributesRandomising the the order of attributes in a choice experiment.previewdownload
Highlighting Changed AttributesHighlighting table rows that are the same (or different) in a choice experiment.previewdownload
BlockingUsing blocking within an experimental design in a Choice Experiment.previewdownload
Providing Feedback on ChoicesVarious ways of providing dynamic feedback about in practise exercises allowing respondents the opportunity try again.previewdownload
Opt out choices with forcedOpt-Out experiments with a forced choice follow up if op-out chosenpreviewdownload
Using Derived Values in ExperimentsUsing derived values to include respondent data in experiments.previewdownload
Rotating Attribute LabelsRotated labels 180 degrees to give your experiment scenarios more space.previewdownload
Pivot and Status Quo ExperimentsUsing respondent reference data in Experiments with pivot and status quo choices.previewdownload
Using Images in ExperimentsAll about using images in your DCE.previewdownload

Survey Logic

Derived ValuesCreating a new variable through real-time computation for piping back to respondents.previewdownload
Allocating Survey ArmsFor surveys requiring allocation of respondents to different arms in the survey using segments.previewdownload
Expression recipiesExpression recipies for formatting currencies, generating voucher codes, addiong passwords.previewdownload
Rating Relevant OptionsHow to simplify rating using logic to only show relevant options.previewdownload

Customising Layout

PopupsHow to implement different types of popups and hyperlinks within the survey.previewdownload
Progressive rankingHigh Accessibility method of progressively ranking a set – each time removing the selected from the list.previewdownload
Ranking questionsDifferent ways to implement Ranking questions within a survey.previewdownload
Auto suggestImplement an autosuggest (Type Ahead) for open text questions.previewdownload
Question positioningChange the position of an answer within a question.previewdownload
Hiding ElementsHiding various elements on certain pages or within questions and text.previewdownload
Formatting imagesExamples of different ways of laying out images in your survey.This tutorial explains various topics regarding images.previewdownload
Randomising elementsRandomisation of elements in the survey using JavaScript.previewdownload
Adding mouseoversThis tutorial explains how implement different types of mouseovers.previewdownload
Adding suffixesAdd a suffix to a question, e.g’years’ to a textbox questions.previewdownload
TablesAdding tables to your survey.previewdownload
Full ScreenExample of how to implement a full screen display for a tablet or kiosk usage.previewdownload
Grouping AnswersHow to put group headers within a question responsespreviewdownload
Password ProtectionAdding a password to the beginning of a surveypreviewdownload
Page Numbering with randomisationThis tutorial will show how to number DCEs even though the pages are randomised.previewdownload
ScrollboxHow to put long text within a fixed size scrollbox, e.g. consent formspreviewdownload
Embedding VideosHow to imbed a vimeo player into a surveypreviewdownload
Merging Scenario AttributesHow to merge attribute cells in an experiment when using constant “scenario attributes” like health state or weather within a profile.previewdownload


CookiesAdding a cookie script to your survey to prevent participants from different sources re-entering the survey.previewdownload
Tracking clicksExamples of tracking whether a participant clicked on a link.previewdownload
BrowserHow to capture the respondent’s browser type and other meta-datapreviewdownload
Device TypeTracking device-type the participant is using and how to exclude participants with certain devices from the survey.previewdownload

Working with other Surveys

Linking SurveysWhen you want to link two or more surveys together, e.g. a screening survey with a main study.previewdownload
Enveloping SurveysWhen you want to use another survey within SurveyEnginepreviewdownload


Save and ReturnImplement a save and return feature allowing respondents to leave the survey and to continue later.previewdownload
Leaving Sensitive SurveysThis tutorial explains how to add a “Leave the survey”-Button. This is especially needed in end-of-life studies, where you want to give respondents the chance to end a survey at any point.previewdownload
Integrating Cartographic MappingIntegrating a third-part mapping solution within a survey.previewdownload
Interviewer Assisted SurveysCreate sync links in order to allow an interviewer and interviewee to show the same survey version during an interview.previewdownload

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