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SurveyEngine Teaching Licenses

SurveyEngine provides licenses for educators wishing to use the SurveyEngine platform to teach choice methods, experimental design, response elicitation and choice modelling.

The licenses are currently at no cost for courses up to 100 students and are a suitable complement to both choice and general survey methods courses. The software is regarded by academics as a great way for students to grasp fundamental concepts such as attributes, levels, alternatives and dependent variables in a single platform.

Typically, students create experiments and run data collection from exercises developed within the courses which may include:

  • Choice Experiment Design
  • Survey Design
  • Data Collection
  • Choice Modelling

Each student will be provided with an account by signing up for the duration of the course.

University of Queensland and University of Vermont utilized Survey Engine Teaching Licenses, read the resulting Case studies here.

How to Apply

Course organisers should apply using the form below.

Subscription Terms

  • The teaching license will granted to the educator allowing distribution of student licenses to a maximum of 100 Students per course.
  • Students sign up from a course specific page from the SurveyEngine website.
  • Full featured software for DCE, Conjoint and Best-Worst scaling, trial version of Ngene™ design generator. Note this means Ngene execution will not be included.
  • Students may not use the license for commercial purposes.
  • Maximum duration of a licence is 6 months.
  • Each Student license is for a single seat.
  • A maximum of 100 respondents per survey applies for each student.
  • Support is only via via the forum at forum.surveyengine.com.
  • Personal data provided will be protected according to the provisions of the GDPR and will not be sold or transferred to a third parties.
  • All other terms are as per the standard platform usage terms.
  • Acknowledgement of SurveyEngine GmbH in course materials, website pages and any papers, presentations or promotional materials produced.
  • The license will involve an agreement between the educators and SurveyEngine formalising these terms.

Non-Commercial Use Provisions

SurveyEngine provides several no-cost licenses to use the software in the spirit of promoting the use of preference methods and best-practises. In this spirit, use of the platform where there is no financial gain by any party involved is regarded as non-commercial use.

Conversely, any party standing to clearly gain materially from the direct or indirect use of the platform would be regarded as commercial use. This includes respondents who receive material benefits for their time. Commercial use requires a paid license.

Non Commercial Use Examples

  • Development of surveys by academic researchers where the user recruits thei own respondents.
  • Evaluation of the software platform for use by a commercial company.
  • Creation of Surveys and Experiments for personal use such as wedding planning.
  • Startup market research and ideation.
  • Use by educators to demonstrate Choice methods.

Commercial Use Examples

  • Any use within an operating for-profit company, such as customer satisfaction surveys or market research.
  • Academic primary research by an unpaid PhD student where respondents received a monetary benefit or a gift card as an incentive for participation.
  • A commercial agency using mock-up choice experiments to pitch for paid work.

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