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Five Reasons SurveyEngine is made for Choice and Conjoint Studies

The SurveyEngine software was engineered for Choice and Conjoint studies. Alternatives, Attributes, Experiment Designs and Models are integral to the user interface rather than obscure scripts and add-ins.

Below are 5 top reasons you should use SurveyEngine for your next Preference Research project. Click here to see the full feature set.

1. The Experiment Editor

Any Experiment Structure (the X-Matrix) can be described within a single editor by adding or removing alternatives, attributes and levels. Labelled, unlabelled, best-worst, full and partial ranking can all be speciified. Orthogonal designs can be created with a single click and any layout from simple tables to pixel perfect representations can be made with the template editor. Experiment Scenarios may be added anywhere in the survey with either random sampling, blocking or any allocation scheme required.

2. Ngene™ Script Creation and Execution

Ngene™ is the most popular software worldwide for creating experiment designs… but scripting is hard work.

Now Ngene™ scripts can be created within SurveyEngine for your experiment through a simple user interface.

Efficient, random, factorial and orthogonal designs can be seleced. Efficient designs can have their priors and distributions chosen. Attribute linearisation can be described with a few clicks generating Ngene scripts in real-time. Ngene scripts can also be run in the browser or downloaded for offline design generation.

Ngene™ output can be automatically imported into SurveyEngine without any re-coding.

3. One Click MNL Modelling

MNL preference models can be created at any time during live data collection with a single click.

Although most analysts will still want to download data and use their own analysis tools – realtime modelling automates the lengthy processes of data cleaning and shaping and script preparation.

Being able to create “on-the-fly’” models means critical issues with data collection or design may be discovered early and corrected during data collection.

4. “Friendly” Bot Respondents

Web-Bots are small programs that perform the work of real respondents online.

Within SurveyEngine you can create an army of bots to fill out your survey or experiment. These bots read each page, as a person would, and randomly fill out fields and click response buttons. They can be also given a little direction as well.

Using bots is a great way to generate data, test logic and stratification schemes and even verify that custom javascript interactivity is working properly.

5. Projects in Excel File Format

All surveys and experiments can be exported as a human readable excel spreadsheet, edited and then re-imported.

This feature can be used in a diverse array of cases: for translations, for offline manual checking and record keeping.

This feature can also be used in place of the user interface when quality, compliance and speed are paramount. Typical use cases are automatic high-quality generation of questions around large structured data sets such as products, geo-locations or medication databases.

Trialling the Software is free

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