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Coding, recruitment and data collection for patient-centered qualitative and quantitative research. Patient interviews and focus groups, benefit-risk assessments, patient preference studies, e-PRO tools, burden of disease and observational studies throughout the study lifecycle.
SurveyEngine is a regular contributor to published papers on Health Preference research.

Health Preference Research Methods

SurveyEngine is regarded as a pioneer in Health Preference Research, running the first discrete choice health preference studies online. Aided by our experienced team and purpose-built software we run:

  • Discrete Choice Experiments
  • Conjoint Experiments
  • ePROs
  • Best-Worst Scaling Types I, II, III
  • Threshold Techniques
  • Time Trade-Off (TTO)
  • Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)
  • Swing Weighting
  • Standard Gamble
  • Vignettes

Online Qualitative Studies

SurveyEngine has extensive experience setting up and managing qualitative modes of data collection.

  • Bulletin Boards
  • Online Focus Groups
  • One-on-one interviews (TDI)

Patient Diary Apps

SurveyEngine provides full technical development of mobile apps to conduct diary studies for research, such as headache reporting with automated timed followup questions following incidents.

We also manage the compliance and provisioning on the Apple and Android stores.

Compliance with International Data Collection Regulations

To assist in compliance with local cross border data protection laws and regulations such as the GDPR and the US Patriot act, SurveyEngine hosts data collection servers in 35 regions.

Global Patient Recruitment and Fieldwork Management

Independent quality control and freedom of conflict of interest with a proprietary panels means quality is assured. We source and manage:

  • Global representative general population sample
  • Hard to reach target groups
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Patient groups
  • Business decision makers / B2B

In the following modes:

  • Online access panels
  • Probability based online panels
  • CATI and mailings
  • Mixed-mode recruitment (e.g. mail, online and CATI)

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