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Transport Research

SurveyEngine software and full-service management are used in Transport travel behaviour and planning projects. Choice and survey data collected by SurveyEngine is used to:

  • Establish feasibility through collection of structured data to forecast usage for new services or travel options.
  • Estimate benefits by determining travellers’ willingness to pay on a new service, mode or product to estimate resulting revenues.
  • Predict demand by estimating price points and important features for products or services to maximize revenue while calibrating against real-market demand data.
  • Prioritise features and assess what features or attributes of a service or product are most important to potential customers.

Mode Choice Studies

SurveyEngine’s Choice Experiment software enables rapid and reliable construction of mode-choice experiments. Choice data can be used to predict share of trips made by mode and future share for novel travel options acertained before they are built. Our Software and in-house technical capabilities allow for:

  • Labelled and unlabelled alternatives.
  • Use of pivot designs to present cost, time and distance in ranges relevant to the respondents current situation.
  • Importing and generation of Ngene™ designs.
  • Dynamic adjustment of scenarios based on respondents’ behaviour.

Vehicle Choice Studies

Choice experiments on hypothetical vehicle purchase decisions are used to understand future vehicle purchasing decisions. Where no data necessarily exists for novel and emerging technologies such as electric or autonomous vehicles, Choice Experiments can reveal what currently does, and in the future would, influence purchasing behaviour.

The SurveyEngine platform enables the use of advanced experiment designs including:

  • Information acceleration using interactive immersive layouts.
  • Importing and generation of Ngene™ designs.
  • Use of visual choice sets to explain new options available.
  • Use of interactive experiment walk-throughs to level increase the understanding of respondents.
  • Augmentation of existing knowledge, for example allowing respondents to generate relevant alternatives prior to the choice experiment.

Value of time and reliability studies

These studies are typically used to optimise toll fee structures and are a necessary part of any traffic and revenue study, and critical if developments are financed through bonds.

Data from these studies allows understanding and quantification of the monetary value travellers place on reliable travel or on the time saved.

The SurveyEngine supports these studies through:

  • Pivot designs to vary travel times between reasonable thresholds.
  • Real time calculations of trip lengths and cost.
  • Running multiple experiments within a study to account for major differences in trip types.

Recent Notable Publications

Merkert, R., Bliemer, M. Fayyaz, M. Consumer preferences for innovative and traditional last-mile parcel delivery. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 2022.

Wang B., Waygood E.O.D, Daziano, R.A , Patterson Z., Feinberg M. Does hedonic framing improve people’s willingness-to-pay for vehicle greenhouse gas emissions? Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2021.

Kolarova, V., Cherchi E 2021. Impact of trust and travel experiences on the value of travel time savings for autonomous driving. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies.

Respondent Sampling & Targeted Recruitment

  • Nationally representative samples, stratified by demographic variables.
  • Quota sampling with multiple interlocking segments.
  • Recruitment of deeply targeted respondents, based on postal codes and behavioural and attitudinal profiles.
  • Mixed mode recruitment, CATI, CAPI and on-site data collection.

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