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Case Studies

Understanding Preferences for Cancer-Specific Health-Related Quality of Life

A cross-disciplinary consortium engaged SurveyEngine to support the validation of a cancer-specific HRQoL measure known as the QLU-C10D. Beyond tool validation, our collaboration extended to establishing country-specific value sets for over 13 countries.

Understanding Public Preferences for Allocating Ventilators in an Intensive Care Unit

The COVID-19 pandemic presented shortages in healthcare resources, including the availability of ventilators in intensive care units. How should ventilators be allocated among those who need them? Researchers in Australia wanted to understand the public’s perspectives and engaged SurveyEngine to help them gather insights.

Using AI Technologies at Self-Checkouts

Dr. Thomas Magor from the University of Queensland used the SurveyEngine software to teach choice modelling methods and to design choice experiments during his Business Research Strategy course.

Who Would You Befriend?

SurveyEngine provided student licenses to a class of students in the Patrick Leahy Honors College at the University of Vermont. The course, “Human Decision Making and Choice”, was developed by Prof. Eline van den Broek-Altenburg and reviews a wide-ranging set of theoretical models for individual choices drawn from social psychology, economics, (moral) philosophy, marketing and other disciplines.

Defining Utility Values for Patients with Tardive Dyskinesia

October 2022, Results published:

SurveyEngine performed a time trade-off (TTO) study to measure health state preferences and estimate utility values from the perspective of the US general population, accounting for factors affecting quality of life.

Understanding Preferences for
Rheumatoid Arthritis Prevention

October 2022, Results published:

A major public-private consortium, commissioned SurveyEngine for a mixed-method patient preference study bring Choice Experiments and Thresholding together.

Vignette Study Informs
Clinician Decision Patterns

October 2022

A UK-based CRO used SurveyEngine to develop a vignette study aimed to better understand the prescribing of oral treatments for a heart condition.

Modelling Card Services, Rates
Fees and Market Share

December 2010

Using Choice Modelling the bank ​reconfigured cards increasing revenues estimated at $8 million.

Retail Packaging Optimisation
using Discrete Choice Modelling

July 2015

A packaging experiment for “Chocolate & Love” show that even small layout changes have an impact on choice.

Modelling Introduction of a new Coke Variant

June 2008

A successful pricing and packaging strategy was created for Coca-Cola to introduce a new variant and avoid caniibalisation of their existing range.

Modelling Magazine Choice
to Optimise Layout Elements

August 2008

A visual experiment on 200 possible layouts discoveres a ‘best layout’ 10 times better than worst.

Qualifying the Value of Biodiversity in Germany

July 2017

The BioHolz project used SurveyEngine data collection and software to support the implementation of the German National Biodiversity Strategy.

Maximising Attendance
and profitability of an Outdoor Event

August 2005

An events organiser’s hunch is confirmed and Sydney’s Bondi Beach becomes a Winter Wonderland.

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