About Us

SurveyEngine was formed in Sydney, Australia in 2001 by Ben White, a long-time collaborator with a founder of Choice Modelling, Professor Jordan Louviere.  SurveyEngine developed the software to run the first Max-Diff and other Choice Experiments with Prof. Louviere. In 2016 the partner company SurveyEngine GmbH was established in Berlin by German economist Ludwig von Butler. 

SurveyEngine remains exclusively focussed on Choice Modelling methods and technology.  SurveyEngine provides both professional consulting services and cloud-based software for Choice Modelling projects. 

​SurveyEngine group holds US, Australian and European (pending) patents for Choice Modelling Systems and Methods.

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Ben White

Tech Director

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Ludwig Butler

sales director

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Alex Parkman

Account manager

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Ayanda Rogge


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