Research Support

Turnaround: 3 days (Scheduled). 1 week (Unscheduled)
Cost: Rate Card available on request

We provide all the services that may be needed to support research projects in the house:

Transcription – Audio to text transcription, with secure storage of audio files for audit.
Translation – For generating multilingual studies and as input to transcription output.
User Training – In the use of research software and methods.
Method Design – Assistance with developing or applying research methods.
Survey Coding – Development of code-plans and implementation in data collection surveys.
Copy-Writing – English, German, Dutch, Polish and Czech in-house or pass-through management to native speakers.
Graphic Design – Development of graphical assets and media for the research project.
Data Analysis – Data modeling MNL, Latent Class and MXL.
Report Writing – Development of Academic Grade research reports and papers.

Do you need technical or research support?
Drop us a line at and we’ll see if we can help

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