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Survey Software Features

The SurveyEngine survey software is a browser-based platform allowing creation, simulation, data collection and analysis for academic-grade primary research. It has been purpose-designed for choice experiments and can also be used for standard questionnaires.

The Survey Builder Software Features

Survey Builder Features

  • All standard question response types.
  • Dynamic variable creation via expressions.
  • Single frame document style survey editor.
  • Page, item and response level randomization.
  • Live preview of the survey under construction.
  • Unrestricted HTML5/Javascript customization.
  • Simple integration of experiment scenarios.
  • Conditional display and branching.
  • Data piping of variable anywhere in the survey.
  • Multiple languages via translation files.
The Experiment Builder Screen Software  Features

Choice Experiment Builder Features

  • Simple user interface for specifying alternatives, attributes, and levels.
  • The input of text, images, and rich media.
  • Attribute linking allowing synchronization of levels.
  • Attribute space described independently of design and layout.
  • Multiple experiments possible within a single study.
Experiment Layout Screen Software Features

Experiment Layout

  • Arbitrary positioning and styling of attributes.
  • Highly realistic experiments are possible.
  • Standard table layouts as default.
  • Real-time image layering and compositing.
  • Customizable user interaction.
  • No technical expertise required.
  • Custom CSS and templating possible.
MNL Modelling Screen Software Features

Modelling Features

  • Automated one-click ‘workhorse’ MNL main-effects modelling
  • Automated modelling of experiment data by segment
  • Optionally download data for custom modelling
  • Automated generation of standalone model simulator
Experiment Design Generation Software Features

Experiment Design

  • Automatic ‘workhorse’ orthogonal designs as standard.
  • Fully featured Ngene Experiment Design generator in Plus.
  • Upload custom designs.
  • Experiment design simulation and sample size estimation.
  • Design levels coverage checking.
  • Recording of both treatment and actual scenario levels rendered.
  • Automatic random treatment allocation.
  • Optionally blocking or specific allocation schemes possible.
Build responsive Surveys

Responsive Layout for DCEs

  • Both Experiments and Standard Questionnaires rendered as responsive.
  • In browser previewing of layout on different devices.
  • Automatic resizing on change of the device’s orientation.
  • Either landscape or portrait mode can be enforced.
  • CSS customization for a specific layout.
  • Operates on all modern browsers and devices.
global sample management

Fieldwork and Management Features

  • Combine invitations from web-links, email, and panels.
  • In browser Web-bot simulation to verify data collection.
  • Activity and response data frequency reports.
  • Survey version management.
  • PDF export of reports and specifications.
  • Data export in major formats, e.g.: CSV, Excel, SPSS.
  • Live fieldwork quota management.
  • Data dictionary summary for the project.
  • Project duplicate, archive, download and restore tools.

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