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SurveyEngine at the ICMC 2024

Puerto Varas, Chile

SurveyEngine is proud to be a principal sponsor of the ICMC. This conference marks a milestone in the advancement of Choice Methods with joint announcements of new tools and interoperability between Ngene, SurveyEngine and Apollo that promise to usher in a period of rapid adoption and growth of Choice Modelling.

Tuesday Happy Hour

Tuesday, April 2nd in the Main Foyer from 5pm
Sponsored by Ngene and SurveyEngine

You are cordially invited as guests of the principal sponsors, SurveyEngine and Ngene, to the Tuesday evening Happy Hour.

Drinks and refreshments will be served in the foyer before the announcements below.

Don’t be late, the menu looks delightful!

Choice Modelling Software Announcements

Tuesday April 2nd 5:30pm, Main Foyer

Three veterans of Choice Modelling, and long time members of the ICMC will jointly demonstrate new tools that promise to revolutionise Choice Modelling.

  • Michiel Bliemer will unveil Ngene 2, the online version of the trusted Ngene experimental design software.
  • Ben White will launch the Apollo-in-SurveyEngine platform allowing rapid and real-time creation of Apollo scripts and models from SurveyEngine, uploading of RP data and offlining built scripts to R.
  • Stephane Hess will share the latest developments in Apollo, which is rapidly becoming becoming the de-facto standard for RP and SP Choice Models.

Prize Draw – don’t forget to register!

Tuesday in the Main Foyer, after the Software announcement above

Register at the link below to be in the running for the main prize of a bottle of fancy champagne and a one year premium subscription to SurveyEngine valued at over 2,000 Euros. Remember you need to be at the Event to claim your prize!

Register at

Sponsors’ Lounge

Main Foyer, all days

Ngene and SurveyEngine welcome you to take a break, grab a drink and relax in the Sponsors’ lounge in the main Foyer. It’s great chance to meet some of the people behind the two companies. As there is a lot happening in the short 3 days of the conference, we recommend you drop us a line if you’d like to meet with Michiel, Ben, Ludwig, Julie or Lutz.

Click below to book a meeting at the ICMC in the lounge.

Papers & Presentations

Data Quality and Fraud detection with DCEs

Monday April 1st 4:15 pm, Room 2 Volcán Osorono B
Ludwig Butler, Ben White and Stephane Hess, SurveyEngine and University of Leeds

Avoiding fake news: building a toolkit to identify bots and coached respondents in stated preference surveys.“.
A review of recent real world projects showing how Choice Models are a powerful way of identifying fraudulent respondent groups. Pathologies of fraud and low quality data will be presented and some emerging and novel model-based methods for both early warning of potential problems and post hoc analysis.

Data Quality Pricing Structures Paper

Monday April 1st 11am, Room 4: Volcán Calbuco
Michiel Bliemer, Matthew Beck & James Bushell, University of Sydney.

The developers of the Ngene, and Experimental design and Transport methods experts present their paper:
“How would you like to pay? Pricing structures for facilities or services: an application to roads”

Choice Modelling Optimization & Workflow Insights

Wednesday April 3rd Room 2: Volcán Osorono B
Stephane Hess, David S Bunch & Andrew Daly.

Co-developer of the Apollo Choice Modelling packages and reknown Modelling experts present their paper:
“Get me out of this hole: a profile likelihood approach to avoiding poor local optima”

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