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The Data Screen

Collected data is displayed on the screen here and may be downloaded in a variety of formats. For economy and logical coherence, Each experiment has its own data file, linked to the main survey data (the covariates) via the RID. In addition Page Timestamps are also a separate file.

the data screen

This is done as the data structures are different. Merging the two would generate execptionally large files with redundant data and also possibly exceed the column or row limits of most software.

The covariates file contains one row per respondent with each data item occupying a single column.

The Experiment file contains one row per respondent per scenario. In addition, the experiment data file records both the design row allocation, the sequence in which each was shown as well as the original order (within the survey) of the scenario. The choice variable(s) have their own column and for robustness and auditing, the attribute level allocations are stored to verify what was allocated is what was rendered

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