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Survey Layout

This screen allows simple customisation of the look and feel of the survey with a preview of the layout in the main part of the screen. This may be altered to view as Desktop, Tablet or mobile. Layout may be modified through select of the available options.

layout screen
  • Title Provide text for the name of the survey
  • Header optionally hide the header from the survey
  • Header color preset header colour themes
  • Header height adjust the header size
  • Logo upload a logo for the survey
  • Progress bar optionally hide or show the completion as a percentage
  • Font size adjust the readbility of the survey
  • Palette preset colour theme for the survey content
  • Allow previous display the previous button allowing respondents to go backwards in the survey
  • Orientation force the orientation of the survey to be landscape, portrait or either
  • Customise CSS Advanced editing of the CSS for the survey allowing find grained expert control over the look of the survey

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