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Human Decision Making and Choice Course (HCOL 2000 J)
18 Sept 2023 – 21 Dec 2023

Instructor: Eline van den Broek-Altenburg, PhD Assistant Professor
Department of Radiology, Larner College of Medicine
Course Information

Course Software Access

SurveyEngine is providing course licenses for conducting online choice experiments to students of the Human Decision Making and Choice Course (HCOL 2000 J). SurveyEngine software access, required for the course above, is provided free for enrolled students under the following terms:

Subscription Terms

  • For non-commercial education only
  • Enrolled students only
  • Single seat
  • Maximum of 100 respondents per survey
  • Support only via via forum at forum.surveyengine.com
  • Personal data provided will be protected according to the provisions of the GDPR and will not be sold or transferred to a third party.

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