Behavioural Modelling – Online Course – Bliemer and Hess – Autumn 2022

Course Overview Autumn 2022


Prof. Michiel Bliemer

Michiel Bliemer is a leading expert in stated choice experiments and surveys, who has made significant methodological contributions in this area and has been involved in the design of numerous choice experiments around the world. He is a Professor of Transport Planning and Modelling at the University of Sydney and an External Affiliate at the Choice Modelling Centre in Leeds and the Erasmus Choice Modelling Centre in Rotterdam. He is a developer of Ngene, a software tool used in more than 50 countries for generating designs for choice experiments.

Prof. Stephane Hess

Stephane Hess is an internationally recognized expert in choice modelling, who has made numerous contributions to both theory and practice in the field. He holds academic positions at a number of leading institutions, namely as Professor of Choice Modelling at the University of Leeds, Honorary Professor in Choice Modelling at the University of Sydney, and Honorary Professor of Modelling Behaviour in Africa at the University of Cape Town. He is a developer of Apollo, a widely used R package for the estimation of advanced choice modelling.


This online course, hosted by SurveyEngine, will present a profound overview of choice modeling and survey design in theory and practice. The event is co-taught by two renowned experts in the field of Choice Modelling; Prof Michiel Bliemer, an expert in stated choice surveys and the co-founder of Ngene, and Prof Stephane Hess who specializes in advanced discrete choice models for the analysis of travel behaviour.

What You Will Learn

The 3-week online course consists of 9 modules covering a range of topics including discrete choice models, experimental design essentials, behavioural modelling, and other extensions to choice modelling. Each module includes practical examples and case studies illustrating how these techniques can be applied to solve real-world problems with online instructions by the speakers and allowing time for Q&A. Digital copies of all slides will be shared, as well as access to recorded instruction videos for up to one month after the end of the course.

Suggested Prerequisites

This course will benefit economic researchers in both the academic and professional sectors, both experienced in behavioural modelling and those new to this research technique. Delegates will gain a solid knowledge of survey design basics, as well as advanced stated choice surveys and modelling. While no specific background is required, participants are strongly encouraged to attend Modules 1 & 2 as a refresher to make sure that they have all the required prior knowledge for the other modules.


This is an intensive 3-week online course that includes 9 modules. The full program will be announced soon.


  • Introduction to Discrete Choice Models
  • Model Specification, Estimation, and Interpretation: Use of the Results
  • Introduction to Stated Choice Experiments
  • Heterogeneity Across Decision-Makers
  • Experimental Design Essentials
  • Alternative Model and Data Structures
  • Advanced Experimental Design
  • Advanced Specifications and Considerations
  • Demonstration in Ngene

Course Details

General set up3-week online course with 3 units per week
Course dateThe course will be held between 27 September 2022 and 13 October 2022. The full program is going to be announced soon.
Unit length3.5 hours per unit including breaks
Course times To be announced soon
Course StructureLive-Webinar with Q& via Zoom
Course MaterialsMaterials will be provided by the speakers
Participation requirementsReliable internet connection for video calls, desktop or laptop, web camera, microphone


Individual module fees as well as the total fee for the course will be announced soon.

More Information

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